Holiday Blend 2012

Each year the winter holiday season presents us with a combination of the new and the familiar, a blend of reflecting on the events of the past year while we embrace the traditions we’ve known for many years. In recognition of this it’s been our practice at Fonte to create an annual Holiday Blend, something special that evokes the quality of the season, and a part of that tradition is that the blend be unique each year. It’s now our pleasure to offer our 20th version of Fonte Holiday Blend. This year we’ve taken a familiar theme, the complex interaction of sweet and savory, and selected some of our favorite coffees from the world’s 2012 crop to bring it to life in the cup. Creamy sweet Brasils are featured next to rare cedar toned monsooned Indian coffees, forming a foundation supporting the lively interplay between a stunningly bright Kenya and the clean fruitiness of our Natural Ethiopia Sidamo. The resulting cup is complex but straightforward, featuring a smooth aged aroma that blossoms at first sip, dissolving into bright citrus notes and then reappearing in a wonderfully balanced aftertaste with distinctive cedar and sweet fruit aromas.

We hope you enjoy this year’s Holiday Blend, both in special gatherings of friends and family as well as for that well deserved self-indulgence.

Net procceds go to support Pike Market Preschool






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