Uptown Blend

Citrus, Earthy, Chocolate

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Tasting notes: Bright Lemon, Earthy Tobacco, Bittersweet Chocolate

Origins: Central America, South America, Indonesia

Suggested brew method: Espresso , Drip, Pour Over 



Uptown Espresso Ground Coffee is the same proprietary blend that we use at our seven Uptown Espresso shops in Seattle. Because this blend of super premium Indonesian and Central American beans are custom hand roasted you know you are getting a coffee shop flavor profile. Regardless of the extraction method you use, pour over, French press or coffee machine, this blend delivers the ultimate in body, acidity and aroma.


The earthy, herbal notes of the Indonesian beans interact with the acidity of the high grown Central American beans achieving a balance and dimension extending to a clean finish. The result is the perfect fusion of tangy coffee with the slight sweetness of cream, half and half or foamed milk.

  • Ground coffee is perfect for pour over, French press or coffee machines
  • Well balanced blend of Indonesian and Central American beans
  • Custom hand roasted proprietary Uptown Espresso blend
  • 12 ounce resealable package

Need assistance preparing your ground coffee? Email for expert tips on pour over, French press, drip or whatever extraction method you use.


This coffee is available for subscription!

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Written by Alex Capi on Jan 4th 2021

I love Uptown Espresso!

As much I love the drinks at the Uptown cafes, I especially adore the UE blend by Fonte. At first sip, notes of bright lemon and earthy tobacco dance with your taste buds, transitioning into a rich chocolatey sensation when it leaves your mouth. Out of all other Fonte coffee bags, this one is one of my personal favorites.