Herbal, Nutty, Dark Chocolate

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Tasting Notes: Herbal, Nutty, Dark Chocolate

Origin: Indonesia

Suggested brew method: Cold brew, French press, Drip 

This lush blend offers a very full-bodied and lightly acidic cup with a deep, complex aroma. Earthy notes at the outset suggest a pleasing musty quality, while herbal aromas hint at the toastiness of a good Oolong. The finish, at first dominated by chocolate ends in hazelnuts. 

Brew it with the help of our French Press Brew Guide! and Chambord French Press

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5 Average based on 8 reviews Write a Review
Written by frank hong on Apr 15th 2020


Portofino is our go to blend. Portofino is bold and you won't find a better bean - the flavor, subtle tones, and aroma are a great way to start every morning. We ground the beans every morning and method of brewing is by french press. Do yourself a favor and get a couple bags now!

Written by Elaine on Jul 9th 2019

Portofino Review

I’m so very pleased with this coffee. I have it on a regular delivery schedule. The flavor is very rich and so satisfying. It is the favorite part of my morning.

Written by js on Dec 21st 2018

Love this coffee

This bean is really aromatic. Enjoyed this coffee drip.

Written by CaseyÊ on Jul 14th 2018

Great Blend

Wow. This brew has so much body my press was overflowing. Very good.

Written by Amanda Baird on Apr 12th 2018

We brewed it in a percolator and it was the perfect dark morning coffee. I canÕt do caffeine at night but it would be nice paired with an after dinner dessert. Robust with a very nice smooth finish

Written by Brianna Webb on Apr 7th 2018

Favorite Blend

This was one of our favorites and we will buy this blend again

Written by Nathan Shook on Mar 14th 2018

Similar to a dry cabernet.

Initially, I thought the roast was a bit light for me. It had a very noticeable dry and earthy aftertaste. After a few more sips, it began to get markedly better. There is definitely a dryness to this coffee but it is not a bad thing. Similar to a dry cabernet.

Written by holly on Jan 27th 2017


This is by far one of my favorites that I've tried. Pleasantly smooth, rich and earthy. Used aÊfrench presswith a little cream and it was wonderful.Ê