After 25+ years in the coffee industry, we’ve developed sourcing practices that help us understand our environmental and social impact at origin. As a result, we aim to purchase beans either 1) directly from farms with which we have formed trustworthy relationships, or 2) through third party brokers or exporters who work with farms or cooperatives that value sustainability, working conditions, and bean quality. Some of these third parties provide agricultural assistance, soil analysis, and environmental control to their members to assist with raising quality. Because there is a general relationship between high quality beans and enhanced sustainability practices, we are pleased to purchase the highest grade coffee for many of our offerings. We know the rigorous and tedious steps that are taken to grow, process, and transport the green beans to our facility, and consider it an honor to roast the high quality coffee produced by growers who value their land, process, workers, and product.

We understand that a healthy planet is necessary for the enhancement of coffee agriculture, which is why we strive to implement business practices that support the well-being of our planet and its inhabitants. We are pleased to donate grounds, chafe, and burlap bags to local urban gardeners and schools; receive services, goods, and produce from local purveyors to reduce our carbon footprint; and provide recycling and compost options for our employees and customers at our Seattle facilities and cafes.



Fonté Coffee Roaster is happy to continue our partnership with Pike Market Child Care and Preschool (PMCCP), with 100% of proceeds from our 26th annual Holiday Blend going towards supporting their mission. Last year, Fonté was able to donate $15,000 to Pike Market Child Card and Preschool, directly supporting their meal program, helping tackle the problem of food scarcity for low-income families. Learn more about PMCCP here.


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