Bright, Creamy, Untamed Earthy

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Tasting notes: Bright, Creamy, Untamed Earthy

Origins: East Africa, Central America

Suggested brew method: Espresso, French Press, Pour Over, Drip

F2 is the signature espresso blend at our Café and Wine Bar in downtown Seattle. F2 was designed to display the full range of complexity characteristic of the most recent developments in espresso preparation. Based on sweet, creamy sun-dried bourbon from Brasil, it features bright accents from estate Central American and Kenyan offerings and a hint of untamed earthiness from full bodied Indonesian coffees.

This coffee is available for subscription!

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product.width 3.500
product.height 6.000
product.depth 2.750


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Written by Josh on Dec 21st 2020


What a brilliant dialed - in bold dark with smooth richness and conspicuous absence of bitter!

Written by Larry on Jul 15th 2020

F2 Coffee

This is my second order of a delicious full bodied coffee that I brew in a French Press while I await the continued roasting of my favorite Fonte roast when Fonte fully opens...the single origin Kenya. I especially enjoy the consistent smooth taste with a wonderful finish. This blend has become my “go to” substitute, along with the Portofino blend while I await the return of single origin Kenya. Coffee selected and roasted with Love!

Written by nick on Feb 28th 2020


I believe it's their best coffee.

Written by Kyle B on Mar 4th 2019


An incredible espresso blend. Smooth, rich, never bitter, with just the right acidity and body. Strong mocha notes, with a good amount of softness. The best espresso blend, without reservation.

Written by Barbara on Dec 21st 2018

This suited my tastes wonderfully.

It has a smooth, toasty flavor without tasting burned. One of my favorites!

Written by Anahit aram on Oct 20th 2015


My favorite coffee. Brew in a press at a time when you can leisurely sip and take in the aroma and flavor

Written by jim on May 15th 2013

Great Blend

Wow. This brew has so much body my press was overflowing. Very good.