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We carefully match coffees to create a harmonious cup that highlights the varietal character of the chosen beans. Fresh roasted and hand blended in Seattle, our whole bean coffee blends or pre-ground coffee options deliver a full flavor coffee experience.

  • Awareness Blend View Awareness Blend
    Awareness Blend

    Our Awareness coffees feature beans produced using farming practices that are free of non-natural herbicides, additives, and pesticides. Intended to bring attention to and support...

  • Bin 16 View Bin 16
    Bin 16

    A Fonté Coffee Special Selection. Made with high end, specialty single origin beans from East Africa and Central America for a medium roast body, lavish mouthfeel, complex aroma, ...

  • Cerrado View Cerrado

    Complexly aromatic in the cup, Cerrado coffee offers low acidity, a lush spiciness throughout, tobacco aromas, bittersweet chocolate notes, and a hint of smokiness. 12 ounces. ...

  • Espresso Reserve View Espresso Reserve
    Espresso Reserve

    The Indonesian aromas in Espresso Reserve add complexity and dimension to a well-rounded extraction that delivers the ultimate in body, acidity and aroma. We designed this blend ...

  • F2 View F2

    Fonté Coffee Special Selection and our signature espresso blend at our cafes. F2 blend is made with high end, specialty single origin beans from Central America, East Africa, and ...

  • First Avenue View First Avenue
    First Avenue

    Named for our flagship cafe's location in Downtown Seattle, First Avenue blends spicy South and Central American coffees and is broadened by the addition of estate Indonesians to ...

  • Fonté AA View Fonté AA
    Fonté AA

    Fonté AA blend features a perfect balance of dense, Indonesian aromas and sparkling acidity. This coffee's full body and lingering roast and chocolate notes makes it ideal with ...

  • French Roast View French Roast
    French Roast

    Beans from South America are specifically chosen for our only French Roast coffee offering. This is a roast where the roast intentionally takes prescience over the varietal ...

  • Italian View Italian

    Blended for a classic Italian roast coffee and espresso, this blend showcases high quality beans from South America and North East Africa. Italian blend's medium body and creamy ...

  • Portofino View Portofino

    Portofino is a blend of coffees from the Indonesian region designed to feature a balanced presentation of the variety of flavors typical of the region, creating a full bodied and ...

  • Siena View Siena

    Siena blend is a full city roast coffee with low acidity. The cup's initial floral crispness is overlaid by light nutty notes and a touch of smokiness. 12 ounces. Available as a ...

  • Viennese View Viennese

    A blend of full city roast and dark roast coffee beans, Viennese blend features the spicy sparkle and sharpness of Central and South American coffees and robust smoky aromas of ...


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