Chambord French Press

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The Bodum Chambord French Press is a full immersion brewing method created in the fifties. It is esteemed for it's simple, quick process that yields and even infusion with great texture. It features a steel frame and lid, glass carafe, and polypropylene handle. This 4 cup (17 oz) or 8 cup Chambord French Press (34 oz) pairs perfectly with Portofino (French press grind).



Portofino Blend 

Tasting notes: Herbal, nutty, dark chocolate

Origins: Java, Sumatra, New Guinea

Suggested brew method: Cold brew, French press, drip 

Portofino is a blend of coffees from the Indonesian region designed to feature a balanced presentation of the variety of flavors typical of the region, creating a full bodied and lightly acidic cup with a complex aroma. Earthy notes at the outset suggest a pleasing musty quality, while herbal aromas hint at the toastyness of a good Oolong. The finish, bright with citrus at first, ends with thick, dark chocolate notes. Portofino is our go to cold brew coffee.


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