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Single Origins

Our single origin coffees are part of our Special Selections program. Each coffee is sourced from a single location and chosen for their distinct varietal character, unique flavors specific to a particular origin, and exceptional display of acidity, body and aroma.

  • Colombia Nariño View Colombia Nariño
    Colombia Nariño

    The Nariño region of Southern Colombia has been blessed with a unique micro climate particularly suited to growing coffee plants. Situated close to the warm air currents of the ...

  • Brasil Sul de Minas View Brasil Sul de Minas
    Brasil Sul de Minas

    Our latest Special Selection offering was brought to our attention by our friend Sergio Dias of Cannan Estate Coffee. In addition to producing some of the tastiest coffee from ...

  • Kenya Kiamabara Peaberry View Kenya Kiamabara Peaberry
    Kenya Kiamabara Peaberry

    The story: We’re pleased to offer a wonderful Kenya peaberry that comes to us from the Kiamabara factory, located near the town of Nyeri in the Kenyan Central Highlands. This ...

  • El Salvador Finca El Carmen View El Salvador Finca El Carmen
    El Salvador Finca El Carmen

    Our El Carmen is a natural process coffee in which the fruit has been allowed to dry on the bean. This process, coupled with a stringent sorting of the cherries prior to ...

  • Sumatra View Sumatra

    Sumatra coffee attracts a particular palate due to its profound earthy and rustic qualities attributed to the Indonesian region's wet-hulling process. This full bodied and low ...

  • Brasil View Brasil

    From the world's largest coffee producing country comes our Brasil single origin. Always sourced from the rich red soil of the Cerrado region from rotating producers. Medium ...


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