Single Origins

Our single origin coffees are part of our Special Selections program. Each coffee is sourced from a single location and chosen for their distinct varietal character, unique flavors specific to a particular origin, and exceptional display of acidity, body and aroma.

  • Myanmar Blue Mountain View Myanmar Blue Mountain
    Myanmar Blue Mountain

    In the cup, our natural process Myanmar Blue Mountain is as vivid as the stunning natural beauty that surrounds the estate. Sweet juicy flavors of purple grape and raisin dominate...

  • Kenya Nyeri Hill AB View Kenya Nyeri Hill AB
    Kenya Nyeri Hill AB

    In the cup, our Nyeri Hill is sweeter and more subtle than new crop Kenyas we’ve offered in the past. Initial notes of brown sugar and toffee are overtaken by a full measure of ...

  • Guatemala Finca El Tambor View Guatemala Finca El Tambor
    Guatemala Finca El Tambor

    In the cup, El Tambor displays subtle complexities that kaleidoscope as it cools. Initially green apple notes dominate, soon followed by more citrus based flavors of orange zest ...

  • Brasil Fazenda Santa Rosa View Brasil Fazenda Santa Rosa
    Brasil Fazenda Santa Rosa

    In the cup Santa Rosa is surprisingly clean and brighter than many Brasils. It boasts a subtle citrus acidity underpinning intense red fruit flavors that call to mind tangy early ...

  • Brasil Fazenda Jardim View Brasil Fazenda Jardim
    Brasil Fazenda Jardim

    From the world's largest coffee producing country comes our Brasil Fazenda Jardim. It is grown in the rich red soil of the Cerrado region. Medium bodied and complexly aromatic in ...

  • Sumatra View Sumatra

    Sumatra coffee attracts a particular palate due to its profound earthy and rustic qualities attributed to the Indonesian region's wet-hulling process. This full bodied and low ...


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