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Earthy, Herbal, Chocolate

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Tasting notes: Earthy, Herbal, Dense Chocolate

Origin: Indonesia 

Suggested brew method: French press, drip

Process: Wet-hulled process called Giling Basah

Sumatra coffee attracts a particular palate due to its profound earthy and rustic qualities attributed to the Indonesian region's wet-hulling process. This full bodied and low acid single origin coffee displays a syrupy body, dense earthy aroma, and a chocolate finish.


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product.width 3.500
product.height 6.000
product.depth 2.750


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Written by Jake on Jan 7th 2019

Great Coffee

Outstanding coffee. Not too acidic, the roast is perfect even for those of us who like a darker roast.

Written by Bill on Jan 7th 2019

My Absolute favorite

My wife loves black coffee and her bday being a few days away. Also being stationed across the country there was no room for error. I looked at hella places and found not a lot of true Indonesian coffee. Since I couldn’t get it internationally shipped to here. I looked else where and this is what I found! This looked a lot more promising then the others i looked at and it paid off! Her and her dad are from Jakarta smelled it and said “yeah that’s the good stuff.” If they gave approval it has to be good. If there is one thing my wife loves to talk about and hates to complain about is coffee. Hope this helps! Wish they had one from Venezuela!

Written by David on Oct 22nd 2018

fair, not great

quite earthy and herbal with a dry, bittersweet chocolate finish. cup is smooth but too much "cut grass" on the nose for my tastes. its a solid coffee but just not in line with my personal preferences.