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Our 25th Holiday Blend

Sofia, age 5, drew this year's Holiday Blend label artwork. Sofia is a student a Pike Market Child Care and Preschool.

Each year the winter holiday season presents us with a combination of the new and the familiar, a blend of reflecting on the events of the past year while we embrace the traditions we’ve known for many years. In recognition of this it’s been our practice at Fonte to create an annual Holiday Blend, something special that invokes the quality of the season, and a part of that tradition is that the blend be unique each year. It has also become tradition for us to share our holiday spirit to the benefit of our friends at Pike Market Child Care & Preschool. Serving the community since 1982 Pike Market Child Care & Preschool extends high quality services for over 100 families annually, providing financial assistance for over 70% of enrolled families, of which half earn incomes at or below the poverty level. The school raises over $250,000 in support of these programs each year. It’s now our pleasure to offer our 25th version of Holiday Blend, donating all proceeds from its sale to support childcare and early learning services that local families need to succeed.


Over the course of 2017 we have set aside some special lots of coffee to create this year’s Holiday Blend. As a foundation we selected a beautiful Brasilian from Carmo de Minas. Our friend Sergio Dias at JC Coffee brought this neighbor’s micro lot in for processing at his Cannan farm facility. On tasting it we immediately recognized why it caught his interest, standing out again and again in blind cuppings with its thick creamy body and rich caramel and chocolate aromas. A bit earlier in the year we received a sample of Rwanda from Buf Café’s Remera washing station. On the table it showed a refined, sparkling acidity, laden with subtle fruit tones – a perfect compliment to our Brasil! We secured the few bags that were available, storing them away in a cool corner of the warehouse with the Holidays in mind. While these two coffees made an excellent and complete combination by themselves we were still on the lookout for something unusual, something special to reflect the special time of year. The final piece of the puzzle came to us from an origin new to our cupping table, Myanmar. A painstakingly processed natural coffee, Myanmar delivers a bright bouquet of fruit aromas with some delicate notes of aromatic wood.

Taken as a whole these coffees deliver a big cup with initial notes of chocolate, quickly joined by overarching sweet spice and citrus flavors and ending in a wash of candied fruit and caramel.

This year’s Holiday Blend is all about celebrating some of the excellent coffees of 2017 as we support communities on both sides of the supply chain. Our friends in Brasil, a pioneering businesswoman in war ravaged Rwanda, small farmers in Myanmar emerging from decades of isolation – it is our pleasure to present the fruits of their efforts to you in a blend whose proceeds will support not only their businesses but also help to provide young people in Seattle the educational start they deserve. Indulge in the spirit of the Holidays and enjoy some today!


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