Decaf Fonte AA

Spicy, Balanced, Chocolate

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Tasting notes: Spicy, Balanced Acidity, Bittersweet Chocolate

Origin: Latin America

Suggested brew method: Drip, French Press, Pour Over

A blend of decaffeinated coffee beans from Latin America that create a cup with balanced acidity, bittersweet chocolate notes, and a hint of spice, smoke, and tobacco.

This coffee is available for subscription!

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product.width 3.500
product.height 6.000
product.depth 2.750


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Written by Janet B on Apr 22nd 2020

BEST COFFEE EVER, even in a Coffee Mecca!

I've been drinking Fonte coffee for YEARS, and even having moved to Southern WA, I still order it online. The rich, flavorful, full-bodied smooth taste is unbeatable....and I lived in Seattle (Coffee Mecca) for over 30 years.