How to Find the Best Coffee Beans Online?

How to Find the Best Coffee Beans Online?

As important as supermarkets are, the hard truth is that grocers are not the authority in coffee freshness or quality. Thus, for serious coffee drinkers, it’s becoming popular to track down coffee beans online since it’s much easier to interface directly with roasters this way. The result is a fresher and better tasting cup each and every time. Of course, the coffee world and the internet are both vast commercial ecosystems, and navigating both can be overwhelming.

Luckily, today on the Fonté Coffee Roaster’s blog, we’re here to help make your decision process quick and easy. Take a look below at our brief guide on what you need to know to buy the best coffee online, and why visiting our webstore can help you skip the check-out line, without skimping on freshness or quality.

The Beans: Blends or Single Origin

Unless you’re already a coffee aficionado, you may have only heard the terms “blend” and “single origin” in passing. However, it’s important to know the difference when trying to purchase coffee online that’s best suited to your palate.

Briefly, a blend is made from a mixture of beans that may have been grown from different regions or countries. The idea is to create a unique and complex flavor profile through the interaction of the beans that would otherwise be unattainable.

In contrast, single origins are derived from one farm, lot, or region. They show off the dynamics and nuance of particular coffee producers, and often serve to celebrate the singularity of certain beans and their histories. Single origins are known for their bold and robust characteristics, and are ideal for adventurous coffee drinkers.

The Roasting Level: Light, Medium, Or Dark

Because there are so many options for buying different coffees online, it’s useful to have a sense for what the different roasting levels achieve.

While there is no standard unit of measurement to differentiate beans, most roasters divide their stock into three categories: light, medium, and dark.

Light roasts are characterized by a light brown appearance, a matte surface, and a profile that boasts a bright, crisp acidity with a sharper flavor.

Medium roasts appear darker than light roasts and rarely look oily. They have a well-rounded flavor profile with an even balance of acidity and aroma.

Dark roasts have a near black coloration and an oily gloss covers them. They have little acidity and a heavy body, a combination which tends to draw out the richer and more assertive flavors of a coffee.

Get The Best Coffee Beans Online With Fonté Coffee

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