Don’t Buy Coffee Beans Online if They Lack These 4 Qualities

Don’t Buy Coffee Beans Online if They Lack These 4 Qualities

One of the great things about the recent surge in online coffee vending is that you can buy your favorite roasts from anywhere at any time, all with a few simple clicks. The downside to this is that you won’t get the kind of information that only your nose and mouth can provide, which means that branching out to unfamiliar roasts and roasteries via the internet can be hit or miss.

That’s why Fonté Coffee Roaster has created this short guide to purchasing your coffee beans online. Below we highlighted four characteristics of any coffee that will determine whether you press that “submit order” button or not.


Also known as the “liveliness” of a roast, acidity exists on a spectrum ranging from low to high. Depending on the level of acidity, the perceived “bitterness” can be more or less pronounced.

Before buying a big batch, sample coffees with varying levels of acidity to determine whether you like low or high acidity coffees.


As opposed to describing the actual flavor of the coffee, the “body” refers to how the coffee feels as it enters your mouth. One term to look out for as a synonym for body is “mouth feel.”

Coffee is divided into three body categories:

● Light

● Medium

● Heavy

While the difference between bodies is largely arbitrary, variances in viscosity and weight are the tangible discrepancies exhibited by lighter or heavier bodied coffees.


Some research suggests that aroma plays a pivotal role in nearly all flavor attributes of coffee. Given how interlinked our senses of smell and taste are, the fragrance of a coffee may have a substantial impact on its flavor. Coffee sellers often list perceived aromas on their coffee labels, but oftentimes, a perceived aroma is relative to the individual drinker.

Be mindful of whether or not you have an aromatic preference as you sample different coffees, and you may discover consistencies between your coffee choices.


A roast’s finish offers tastes and sensations that linger in the mouth once the brew has been swallowed.

Each coffee’s finish is unique, making them different between beans that may smell or taste similar before or during a sip. Each finish is also commonly associated with descriptors such as:

● Chocolate

● Peat

● Tang

● Fruitiness

● Smokiness

● And much more

A coffee with little to no finish is likely a coffee that will leave you wanting.

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