Does Whole Bean Coffee Taste Better?

Does Whole Bean Coffee Taste Better?

When you’re purchasing your roasts from a store, you’re often given the choice between two different forms: ground and whole bean. For some coffee drinkers, the decision is as simple as whether there’s a grinder at home or not. However, there are differences between ground and whole bean, and knowing them is an important part of ensuring your daily cup is as good as it should be.

What are Ground and Whole Bean Coffee?

Whole Bean Coffee

After coffee is grown, harvested, and processed for consumption, the dark hued coffee bean you know and love is the delicious byproduct of this sweet labor. Coffee beans are commonly sold as “whole bean coffee,” which means that beans are packaged intact with many of their delicious siblings.

Ground Bean Coffee

Unlike whole bean coffee, ground bean coffee, as the name suggests, is ground into particles.

Coffee beans need to be ground in order for water to filter through them and capture their essence. In many cases, roasters may package their roasts pre ground for the convenience of the consumer.

Comparing the Two

Most experts will agree that whole beans are the best choice when it comes to taste.

Grounds that have sat for days are less likely to preserve their signature aromas and profiles than whole beans. This issue, however, doesn’t happen when the grinding occurs just prior to brewing.

Whole bean coffee conserves flavor and freshness efficiently and for longer. A bag of pre ground beans can lose its aroma and piquancy in as little as several days, while whole beans can last weeks or longer. Ultimately, whether you’re using whole or ground beans, a stale roast will dramatically affect flavor profiles.

Whole Bean Coffee and Grind Size

Another reason why whole beans are better is because of grind size. Coffee that’s been ground too coarse or too fine will either come out too strong or too weak. While pre ground beans are ideal for convenience and ease of use, they are rarely ground with more than a single brewing method in mind. So long as you own a grinder, purchasing whole bean is the best way to customize your brew for optimal and dynamic flavor.

Experience Fonté Coffee

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