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Myanmar Sin Net Chaung

Red Fruit, Orange, Buttery

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Tasting Notes: Complex Red Fruit and Mandarin Orange,

Long Candied Finish, Buttery Body 

Origin: Myanmar

Suggested Brew Methods: Drip, French Press, Clever

Our natural process Myanmar Sin Net Chaung is as vivid and complex as last year’s offering while being even a bit cleaner. Sweet juicy flavors of red fruit and mandarin orange predominate at first sip, giving way to light of aromatic wood and spice that lead to candied chocolate finish. The buttery body is reminiscent of Indonesian coffees, and the overall effect is one of a combination of the cleanest natural Ethiopia with a thick, cedar toned Sumatra.

The community of Sin Net Chaung has been producing coffee for over one hundred years, consisting of 74 households farming 120 acres in Shan State in the center of the country formerly known as Burma. While coffee has been historically treated as a commodity in this area, advances in processing, infrastructure and finance have opened the door to the specialty quality coffee market. Our Sin Net Chuang is a great example of the new generation of natural process coffees, prepared with great care on raised drying beds, selected and processed to feature a wide range of fruit flavors at the same time eliminating or minimizing the acrid, “off” flavors that traditionally come with dry process coffees. The coffee growers of Sin Net Chaung indicate that the increased revenue from specialty coffee sales has primarily gone toward household supplies and their children’s education.

Last year we were pleased to add Myanmar to our menu for the first time. The result of several year’s work by USAID, the Coffee Quality Institute and green importers Atlas Coffee this exotic coffee was a big success – I regularly get asked if we will carry it again. The answer to that question proudly sits on pallets in our warehouse: 15 bags of beautifully prepared Sin Net Chaun natural process beans.

Region: Shan State

Farm: Sin Net Chaung village

Process: Full Natural

Elevation: 4,400 ft

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product.width 3.500
product.height 6.000
product.depth 2.750


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