Holiday Blend 2019

Winy acidity with notes of citrus and clove, brown sugar finish

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Holiday Blend 2019


100% of the proceeds go to Pike Market Child Care and Preschool.


Each year the winter holiday season presents us with a combination of the new and the familiar, a blend of reflecting on the events of the past year while we embrace the traditions we’ve known for many years. In recognition of this it’s been our practice at Fonte to create an annual Holiday Blend, something special that invokes the quality of the season, and a part of that tradition is that the blend be unique each year. It has also become tradition for us to share our holiday spirit to the benefit of our friends at Pike Market Childcare & Preschool. Serving the community since 1982 Pike Market Childcare & Preschool extends high quality services for over 100 families annually, providing financial assistance for over 70% of enrolled families, of which half earn incomes at or below the poverty level. The school raises over $250,000 in support of these programs each year. It’s now our pleasure to offer our 27th version of Holiday Blend, donating all proceeds from its sale to support childcare and early learning services that local families need to succeed.

Winter comes with many charms but can also challenge us with cold and dark days. In ancient times Romans took to warming wine as a drink to protect against the winter elements, a tradition they brought to much of Europe throughout the imperial period. During the Middle Ages this tradition acquired the addition of spices to the heated wine, in the belief it would promote health and avoid sickness. Later herbs and flowers were also added to sweeten the unpalatable wines available to common people. In the late 1800s wine merchants began to associate mulled wine with Holiday imagery, and as Europeans travelled the globe they established uniquely local versions of the beverage throughout the world. To this day what we know as “mulled wine” in the United States can be found as “gløgg” in Scandinavia and the Baltic States, “glühwein” in Germany and Alsace, “candola” in Chile and “vinho quente” in Brasil, just to name a few.

Our intention this year is to offer you a Holiday Blend that reflects the tradition of mulled beverages in both purpose and composition. We began with a beautiful dry process Ethiopia Guji, featuring an abundant wine-like acidity. To this we added a measure of sweet Brasilian coffee from Sul de Minas, with creamy notes of brown sugar. Finally we “spiced” the blend with exotic natural process beans from Myanmar, adding aromas of clove, cinnamon and citrus fruit. We hope you will find this blend to be an effective defense against not only the traditional trials of winter and the more modern trials of traffic and headlines, but that you also enjoy it as a point of celebration as you gather together with family and friends.


Tasting Notes: winy acidity with notes of citrus and clove, brown sugar finish.


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