Guatemala Antigua Roasting on 09/17 [8 oz]

Full Bodied, Sweet Floral/Hazelnut Aroma, Tart Apple Acidity, Caramel and Baker's Chocolate Finish

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Roasting September 17th ONLY (8oz Bags)


Tasting Notes: Full Bodied, Sweet Floral/Hazelnut Aroma, Tart Apple Acidity, Caramel and Baker's Chocolate Finish


In recent months we’ve been pleased to offer you a series of delightful and unusual coffees through our White Label program. Among others we’ve highlighted heirloom varieties from Yemen, innovative processing from Costa Rica and peaberries from Papua New Guinea. Our latest White Label offering puts the focus on place: the valley surrounding the old capital of Antigua Guatemala.

In 1524 Europeans began moving into Guatemala in numbers sufficient to establish colonies devoted to the export of natural dye producing woods and insects like cochineal. They soon encountered active and sometimes devastating volcanoes, nowhere more dynamic that in the Valley of Antigua, defined by the three volcanoes Fuego, Acatenango and Agua. For over 8,000 years these volcanoes have periodically deposited rich layers of minerals on the soil of the valley below.

The mid 1800’s saw the collapse of the natural dye market in Europe, and coffee was introduced as a substitute export crop. This was the beginning of a monumental pairing that we’re excited to share with you today: majestic Bourbon variety coffee plants and the incredible soil, altitude and climate of the Antigua region.

Guatemala Antigua Zelaya is grown by Luis Pedro Zelaya Zamora, a fourth-generation coffee professional. This single-variety Bourbon lot comes from his farm called Hacienda Bella Carmona, located within the traditional Antigua growing region. After fermentation it was not mechanically dried but rather sent to the greenhouse, where Luis Pedro has stacked raised beds three tiers high and maintains a strict rotation schedule to ensure precise, even drying.

The combination of precise processing, classic varietal and unparalleled growing conditions results in a cup with a complex but straightforward character. Initial delicate notes of coffee flower and hazelnut are followed by a characteristic apple-like tartness. The lush finish includes sweet flavors from caramel to molasses, dissolving in notes of baker’s chocolate.


Variety: Bourbon

Region: Antigua

Farm: Hacienda Bella Carmona

Altitude: 5,000 feet

Process: Washed, greenhouse dried on raised beds

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Expected release date is Sep 17th 2019
product.width 3.500
product.height 6.000
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