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Ethiopia Tesfaye Doni

Strawberry, Bright Citrus and Apple, Chocolate Cake

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Roasting April 27th (8oz Bags)

Tasting notes: Strawberry, bright citrus and apple, chocolate cake

Origins: Ethiopia

Region: Yirgacheffe

Farmer: Tesfaye Doni

Elevation: 6,200 ft

Variety: Mixed heirlooms

Processing: Natural

Novelty in the cup can be intriguing but also exhausting. In recent months our White Label program has showcased coffees from Java and El Salvador that presented intense, off the beaten track flavors. This month we’d like to return to a classic cup profile, intense in its own way but deeply rooted in the traditional flavors and historical methods of the region.

Ethiopia has a long history in producing coffee, arguably the longest in as much as coffee is generally considered to be native to the region. The dry process coffees that crossed our cupping table in the late 70s and early 80s served to define what we consider the classic profile for this coffee: big berry fruit aromas, complex acidity, lighter, silky body and long layered finishes. Much has changed in the intervening 40+ years. Ethiopian coffees, both washed and natural process, have become exceedingly popular with specialty roasters. Export regulations have come and gone, sometimes limiting access to traceable lots, always generating lots of controversy. And most recently experimentation with botanical variety and agricultural methods has created some cup qualities previously unknown in Ethiopian coffees. In the midst of all these developments we’ve chosen to feature Ethiopia Tesfaye Doni, a contemporary link to those classic cups of the past.

Tesfaye Doni’s farm is located in the Yirgacheffe region in south central Ethiopia. Relatively small in size, the farm specializes in the traditional dry or natural process in which ripe cherries are sun dried on raised beds for upwards of three weeks before milling. The result is a complex, fruit forward cup that works well in almost all brewing methods, including single origin espresso.

The cup itself starts modestly with initial aromas of tropical fruit and chocolate. The dynamic acidity begins in the lemon/lime zone and gradually settles into flavors of green apple. As you savor the coffee big notes of ripe strawberry predominate, followed by flavors of sweet bread that combine with deep chocolate accents in the finish to leave a lingering, vivid impression of chocolate strawberry cake. This is a fascinating but easy drinking cup!

We hope you enjoy our return trip to classic Ethiopia flavor. Ethiopia Tesfaye Doni is in very limited supply, so please get your order in soon.

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