Ecuador Finca Cruz Loma

Floral, honeyed, cinnamon, vanilla, Baker’s chocolate

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First Roast is 4/28 

Tasting notes: Floral, honeyed, cinnamon, vanilla, Baker’s chocolate

Variety: Caturra, Sidra, Typica

Region: Pichincha

Farm: Finca Cruz Loma

Altitude: 4,700 feet

Process: Mixed fermentation, fully washed, dried on raised beds

Few of us have had the opportunity to enjoy coffee from Ecuador.  Known for its intensity and sweetness, the finer Ecuadorian coffees have battled a fluctuating economy, as well as an industry historically focused on instant coffee, for recognition and access to the specialty market. As select farmers have begun to establish a path to profitability by investing in producing Specialty and Super Premium quality coffees we can hope to see more excellent Ecuadors available in the coming years. 

Ecuador Finca Cruz Loma comes to us from the farm of that name owned and operated by Galo Fernando Morales Flores. Galo cultivates coffee, sugar cane, guanábana, corn, oranges, and beans on the 175 acre farm. His focus is quality, which was recognized with a first-place finish in the 2019 Best of Quito-Pichincha coffee competition.  

Coffee from Cruz Loma begins with careful harvesting and sorting to remove unripe or defective beans. The coffee is then double fermented, first in the fruit for 90 hours before depulping and then fermenting in water for another 12 hours. After washing the coffee is dried on shaded, raised beds for three days and then in the sun for another 15 days, followed by final milling and export. Galo is currently working on building a cupping lab where he hopes to further develop methods for improving quality and training in how to produce specialty grade coffee. 

In the cup Finca Cruz Loma is a coffee that blooms as it cools, revealing a depth of complexity not apparent at first sip and displaying the intensity of sweetness and flavor characteristic of the region. Floral, honeyed aromas at the beginning lead into notes of cinnamon over a creamy, textured body. The long finish features flavors of vanilla and Baker’s chocolate ending in a wisp of anise.

Finca Cruz Loma is at the vanguard of Ecuadorian coffee, still a bit obscure and well worth seeking out. Don’t miss this chance to add it to your list of memorable cups.

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