Colombia Chachagüí Macerated Natural

apricot, strawberry vinaigrette, banana chocolate

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Roasting May 25th (8oz Bags)

Tasting notes: intense apricot, strawberry vinaigrette, banana chocolate finish

Origin: Colombia

Region: Nariño

Farm: La Paz

Elevation: 6,400 ft

Variety: Colombia

Processing: Macerated natural, cured in airtight environment 4 days, dried on raised beds and finished in a mechanical dryer.

The last several years have seen a dramatic increase in the diversity of coffee flavors coming from any given producing country. Three factors account for these exciting new cup characteristics: the separation of coffees by sub region and micro-climate, the introduction of new varieties of the coffee plant and the adoption of non-traditional processing methods. A recent coffee competition in Colombia included submissions from seven growing regions, six processing methods and eight coffee varieties! This month’s White Label coffee features one of these experimental coffees from Colombia, and gives us a chance to take another walk on the wild side.

Our White label Colombia Chachagüí comes to us from Finca La Paz, belonging to Juan Francisco Alfonso Ortiz Sepulveda and his family. The farm is located in the Nariño growing region, high on the slopes of the Andes in southern Colombia close to the border with Ecuador. Proximity to the Equator results in moderate temperatures at altitude, Nariño averages 61-79° F. Coupled with precipitation of around 75 well distributed inches annually, many farms produce coffee year-round, with multiple harvest cycles in a year. Most farms here are small in comparison with other Colombian producers; Finca La Paz is no exception at just a handful of hectares.

To create the flavor profile of Colombia Chachagüí Juan utilizes a curing step directly after harvesting the ripe cherries that until recently was almost unheard of. This involves bagging the cherries intact and allowing the whole fruit to cure in a low light, low oxygen environment for 4 days before being dried in a combination of shaded raised beds and mechanical drying drums. The effect of the curing stage is to transfer sweet fruity flavors from the pulp to the seed (bean), when properly done it expands and enhances the complexity and balance of an otherwise excellent high altitude washed coffee.

The cup displays a range of fruity notes that starts with dried apricot, leading into strawberry and finishing with flavors of banana and chocolate. Although aroma dominated as the cup cools the acidity comes into focus with a delightful light vinaigrette coloration. Some of our cupping panel said strawberry/banana smoothie, some cited banana daiquiri or sangria, but all agreed that this wildly complex cup was intense and delicious. Don’t miss it!

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Expected release date is May 25th 2021
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