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Ireland, Meet Fonté!


You heard right—your favorite coffee is now delighting the palates of the Irish! We are happy to announce the opening of Fonté Coffee Ireland, serving our premium hand-roasted coffee in Dublin, Ireland.

Dubin's specialty coffee scene is blooming (they also just held the 2016 World Barista Championships and World of Coffee). Andy O'Neil, the owner of Fonté Coffee Ireland, had a passion to enter the Dublin specialty coffee scene by providing optimally sourced and roasted coffee. After a chance encounter with Fonté's owner Paul Odom, O'Neil knew he had found the source. Two years later, Fonté Coffee Ireland opened their doors on Parliament Street!

O'Neil and the Ireland café manager, James Hogan, made multiple trips to Seattle for coffee training with our master roaster, Steve Smith. Sharing our knowledge and methods is important for flavor and quality consistency; just as we do with each of our wholesale customers and local partners, we completed a rigorous program with our Irish counterparts to ensure the experience we intend to create for people with our coffee is retained. We passed on our specialty knowledge about the perfect Fonté espresso (we also refurbished a La Marzocco espresso machine custom for Fonté Ireland—see below!), where our coffee comes from, the roast profile and acidity, body and aroma of each of our coffees, brew ratios and instructions, and more.

Fonté Coffee Ireland's custom espresso machine built by Fonté service technicians in Seattle.

Hogan and Ulrich in a tea training session with Smith at Fonté roasting facility in Seattle.

From left: Andy O'Neil, Travis Ulrich, Steve Smith, Paul Odom, James Hogan in Fonté Coffee's roasting facility in Seattle.

Travis Ulrich, far right, helped train Fonté Coffee Ireland's baristas.

Stay in touch with us to learn more about Fonté adventures in Ireland and the US!


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