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Coffee Cocktail: Fonté's Drunk Uncle


Looking for warmth amidst the cold? Introducing Fonté's Drunk Uncle, a super delicious, extra boozy, specialty coffee cocktail.

You can find this cocktail at Eureka! restaurant in Seattle until February 28—a jubilant, eater-centric space whose bartender will whip up this masterpiece using quality, hand-crafted and fresh ingredients (including Fonté coffee!). They're kind enough to share their secret recipe, so for all you at-home cocktail creators, enjoy!


Glass: Footed Bar Glass Mug

1 oz Buffalo Trace Bourbon
¾ oz Death’s Door Kringle Cream
¾ oz simple syrup
¼ oz Death’s Door Wondermint Liqueur
3 dashes of Fee Brothers Aztec Chocolate Bitters
6 oz of Fonté coffee
2 bar spoon of whipped cream
Orange zest

1. Add Kringle Cream, simple syrup, Wondermint Liqueur, Aztec Chocolate Bitters and Buffalo Trace Bourbon to glass
2. Add 6 oz of hot coffee (fill ½ inch below rim to leave room for whipped cream)
3. Stir with bar spoon
4. Add 2 bar spoon of whipped cream
5. Using a microplane, zest orange on top of whipped cream

Enjoy! Remember to bring your friends to Eureka! for the real deal.

P.S. if you have your own coffee cocktail, share it! Tag us, tweet us, hashtag #FindFonté, and all that jazz and we'll tell the world.



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