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El Salvador El Borbollón

Citrus, Stone Fruit, Sugar Cookie

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Tasting notes: Citrus, Stone Fruit, Sugar Cookie

Origins: El Salvador

Region: Santa Ana

Farm: El Borbollón

Elevation: 4,700 ft

Variety: Red Bourbon

Processing: Fully washed, patio dried

The Alvaraz family has been involved in the growing and export of coffee in western El Salvador since the 1880s. After nearly 100 years in the business they opened the El Borbollón mill, and began processing coffees from neighboring farms as well as their own. Our El Salvador “El Borbollón” comes from the family’s farms on the slopes of the Santa Ana volcano, planted exclusively with the Red Bourbon variety. Fully washed and slowly dried on clay patios El Borbollón reflects the meticulous attention to detail shown at every stage of production that has enabled the family to survive the many struggles that the coffee industry in El Salvador has experienced throughout the years.

The farms are cultivated under native shade, improving soil condition as well as providing habitation for wildlife. The plants themselves are managed according to a stringent pruning schedule that maintains the health of the trees and improves their resistance to diseases and insect damage. Excellent growing conditions and a commitment to sustainable growing practices have helped the family to produce world class coffee from this multiple award winning region of El Salvador.

In the cup El Borbollón is a Central American classic. Super clean and bright, the medium body conveys to the palate an array of fruit and sweet spice flavors. Opening with citrus notes of lime and lemon zest the fruit flavors increase in dimension to include elements of stone fruit and vanilla bean. As you savor the coffee a distinct but fleeting note of cinnamon crosses the stage, ending in a sugar cookie finish.

We’ll be offering El Borbollón into the spring of the coming year, and hope you take the opportunity to appreciate this fine Central.

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