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Rwanda Akanduga Mbilima [8oz]

Caramel, malty milk chocolate, toasted marshmallow

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Roasting July 25th ONLY (8 oz Bags)

White Label Rwanda Akanduga Mbilima [8oz]

Tasting notes: Caramel, malty milk chocolatepeppery texture, toasted marshmallow finish 

Suggested Brewing Method:  French Press, Drip, Moka Pot 

July’s White Label features a meticulously processed triple washed and multi-certified Rwandan coffee from the farmers of the Dukunde Kawa cooperative around its Mbilima washing station in the village of Akanduga. This coffee is grown in Rwanda’s northern province at over 6,600 feet above sea level—one of the highest elevations at which coffee is grown not only in Rwanda, but in the world. 

The Mbilima washing station is one of four stations established by the Dukunde Kawa cooperative in their district to shorten the trip for member farmers from harvest to processing. The certifications earned by the cooperative’s various washing stations are vast, including Organic, Fair Trade, Rainforest Alliance, etc, with their coffeeswinning SCA sustainability awards and top placements in Cup of Excellence competitions. 

The farmers and operators at Mbilima station go to extreme lengths to produce such a wonderful cup as the Akanduga. The coffee is floated, hand-sorted at three different stages of processing, triple-washed (twice in channels including the unusual step of washing after de-pulping but before fermentation), and de-muscilaged before initial washing and fermentation. After the final channel washing and grading, the coffee is hand sorted again for imperfections and dried to the touch before being laid out on tables for two to three days of drying depending on weather. 

AkandugaMbilima brings an unmistakablythick,sweet and creamy caramel and milk chocolate component to the cup.Although some zesty citric quality is present, Mblimiatrades the bracingly tart or sharp acidity often found in washed E. African coffees for a more crisp, malty and textured sensation at the sides of the tongue, evoking peppercorn and whoppers candy, and adding dimension to the silky caramel-colored mouthfeelComplimentary aromatics of dates, pie crust and subtle cherry were also identified in our cuppings. The solid structure of the cup allows all these components to play off each other into the finish, where they coalesce in a note that, to me (and maybe me only),recalled the toasted marshmallow of a smores.  

We feel confident you will savor this very meticulously processed smooth and creamy take on a classic washed Rwanda coffee as much as we have. Enjoy! 

Variety: Local bourbon varieties 

Region: Akanduga Village, Gakenke District, Rwanda 

Farmer459 farmers organized around Mbilima Coffee Washing Station 

Altitude: 6,630 feet 

Process: triple-washed, dried on raised beds

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Expected release date is Jul 23rd 2024
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