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Ethiopia Oromia Guji

Sweet berry, plum and dates, milky body & bright citrus

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Tasting notes: Sweet berry, plum and dates, milky body & bright citrus.

Origin: Ethiopia

Region: Oromia

Farm: Multiple small holders

Elevation: 7,000 ft

Variety: Indigenous cultivars

Process: Full natural and dried on raised beds

Our latest offering from the cradle of coffee is a dry process Ethiopia from the Guji zone in the Oromia region of south central Ethiopia. Over the past few years we’ve seen a great increase in the quality of dry process coffees from Guji and our current lot is particularly notable. This coffee is a great study in diversity within consistency. The beans themselves come from many small farmers and are a mix of many different heirloom varietals grown in the region. Yet the care devoted to the sorting and drying of this coffee yields a consistent harmony from the many contributing players, lending a sweetness and clarity to the cup rarely achieved in a dry process coffee. Grown at around 7,000 feet, Ethiopia Guji is dried on raised beds at the Uraga washing station before it is prepared for shipment to the capital.

The cup features a bouquet of fruit aromas. Sweet berry notes dominate the beginning, morphing into darker fruit notes of candied plum and date. The body is pleasantly milky, and the whole is underlaid by a sparkling note of citric acid that the region is famous for. Like many of the Ethiopias we offer this is a big cup with a lot of complex character. Finally it should be noted that Guji makes a great SO espresso for those so inclined.

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