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Colombia Maragogipe El Botón

intense sweet peach, silky body and complex savory finish

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Roasting September 28th (8oz Bags)

Tasting notes: intense sweet peach, silky body and complex savory finish

Variety: Maragogipe

Region: Antioquia

Farm: El Botón

Elevation: 4,500 ft

Process: sun dried natural

Our White label program was created to bring rare and excellent coffees from around the world to you at home, which we’ve done primarily by highlighting origin and process. This month our focus is on botanical variety, and we’re pleased to offer you a chance to experience a little known but hugely flavorful variety of the Arabica coffee species called Maragogipe (mar ah go héap pay).

Maragogipe is named for a city in Brasil in which this natural mutation of the Tipica variety was first documented. Maragogipe beans are easily recognizable by their size; averaging ¾ of an inch long (we’ve seen some over an inch, twice the size of more common varieties!). The tree itself is large, harder to manage and somewhat more prone to disease, for these reasons it is not favored by most producers. Colombia’s Finca El Botón, the source of this month’s White Label, is exceptional in this regard, and has been dedicated to producing top quality Maragogipe for three generations.

El Botón is owned and managed by Ariel Montoya Herran, whose grandfather purchased the farm in 1930. It is located in the Antioquia region, known as the birthplace of Colombian coffee, that features rich volcanic soil, abundant rainfall and high elevations. Quality of life figures prominently in decision making at El Botón, both in terms of practices that ensure sustainability as well as in paying higher wages and providing comfortable accommodation for farm workers.

Our cupping panel describes Maragogipe El Botón as that perfect, once a season peach that lingers in the memory all winter long. It is richly sweet at the beginning with a lush, silky body. Intense notes of white nectarine and candied peach take center stage as you savor the coffee, outlined by a gentle contrasting acidity. The finish is lightly dry, with savory notes of pipe tobacco and artisan root beer.

We don’t know of another producer in the world that takes this rare variety to such heights of flavor, and we encourage you to take advantage of this once a season opportunity to experience it. The memory of that first sip might well burn bright through the winter months to come.

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