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Bolivia San Lorenzo [8oz]

Plum, blackberry jam, sagebrush, malic acidity

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Roasting June 25th ONLY (8oz Bags)

White Label Bolivia San Lorenzo

Tasting notes: Plum, blackberry jam, sagebrush, malic acidity

Suggested Brewing Method:  French Press, Drip, Moka Pot

We shift gears this month to feature a lightly macerated natural processed coffee from high in the Andes Mountain range from an upcoming young yet already acclaimed grower, Yulissa Chambi. Although Boliva has been producing coffee for centuries, Yulissa is part of a relatively recent new wave of Bolivian specialty coffee growers focused on cultivating small lots of high quality and unique character.

Yulissa grows coffee on her family’s 10-acre farm that they have run for over 60 years, and her pursuit of excellence in coffee production includes earning her certification as a Q Grader in coffee evaluation and pursuing a university degree where among other things she is studying fermentation with a specialist from Columbia.

Last year, Yulissa was able to adapt to low rainfall by bringing more red catuai to harvest rather than the thirstier typica she has developed in past. Water being scarce also prompted her to lean more toward dry processing of the cherry. For this lot, Yulissa used a very short carbonic maceration, wherein the whole cherry is sealed in a low oxygen, CO2-rich environment that promotes intercellular fermentation while the skin on the cherry prevents microbes from reaching the mucilage protecting the seed. This highly controlled process contributes to the unmistakably intense yet clean character of the finished coffee.

In the cup, we were impressed with the initial wave of plum and red grape highlighted by a softer malic acidity like that from a yellow apple. Something interesting happens in the second stage when the body thickens as a blackberry jam sweetness blooms tempered by floral/herbal notes of rose petal and sagebrush that leave a lasting impression in the finish.

Maceration often creates a boozy effect, but here the process is so controlled that any detectable alcohol notes are quite understated. One cupper was reminded of crème de cassis, or a slight winy-ness, but another experienced it as more as a balsamic reduction.

The high altitude of the Andes creates here a very dense seed, whose myriad flavors are well expressed through the skilled care and innovations of an enthusiastic young grower whose coffee we trust you will enjoy.

Variety: red catuai

Region: San Lorenzo, Caranavi province

Farmer: Yulissa Chambi 

Altitude: 5000 feet 

Process:  lightly macerated, natural 


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Expected release date is Jun 25th 2024
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