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Bali Kintamani Natural [8oz]

sweet and tart fruit, milk chocolate, spicy finish

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Roasting August 16th ONLY (8oz Bags)

Bali Kintamani Natural

Tasting Notes: sweet and tart fruit, milk chocolate, spicy finish

Suggested Brewing Method:  French Press, Drip, Moka Pot

Indonesia is one of the major coffee producers of the world, and its coffees are generally known by the name of the island on which they’re grown. Java is a great example of this, as well as Sumatra.  Famous for their soft richness, Indonesian coffees are often chocolaty with distinctive notes of earth and herbs. The manner in which coffees are prepared for export varies from island to island, and helps contribute to each island’s characteristic flavor profile. This month’s White Label coffee comes to us from Bali, an island province of Indonesia. 

The highlands of Kintamani, near mount Batur (an active volcano), present conditions nearly ideal for the cultivation of coffee. Mineral rich volcanic soil, an even climate (Bali lies within 6 degrees of the equator) and dependable rainfall combine under the management of farmers employing traditional methods first introduced to Bali over a thousand years ago by Hindu priests. These methods, collectively known as Subak Abian, emphasize harmony between humans, the environment and the divine, and have maintained sustainable and productive agriculture in Bali for centuries.

Until recently all Balinese coffees have been prepared using the wet process, being washed at several stages of preparation. Our Bali Kintamani is a limited edition dry or natural process coffee in which the fruit surrounding the bean has been allowed to dry in place, imparting a vivid and unusual set of flavors to the brew.

In the cup Bali Kintamani displays a thick, syrupy body typical of the region. Flavors begin with an array of intense notes of cranberry and candied orange, followed by a wave of sweeter watermelon notes tempered by a bit of strawberry tartness. The finish returns to a more classic Indonesian profile, with milk chocolate flavors embellished by a bit of anise and baking spice.

Bali Kintamani Natural is a unique coffee with a dramatic set of flavors. Don’t miss this chance to add a touch of Indonesia to your summer.

Variety - Bourbon, Tipica, Catimor

Region -  Kintamani Highlands

Farm -   Subak Abian cooperative

Elevation - 5,000 feet

Process - Natural sun dried

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product.height 6.000
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