Rwanda Gatare [8oz]

sweet baking spice, raspberry vinaigrette, syrupy body and cola finish

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Roasting April 26th ONLY (8oz Bags)

White Label Rwanda Gatare

Tasting Notes: sweet baking spice, raspberry vinaigrette, syrupy body and cola finish

Suggested Brewing Method:  French Press, Drip, Moka Pot

Rwanda is blessed with very favorable coffee growing conditions. High altitudes, volcanic soil and dependable rainfall combine to nurture coffee trees descended from Bourbon variety plants brought to the area by German missionaries in the early 1900s. Originally focused on low quality commodity coffee during the colonial period the Rwandan coffee industry was devastated by low prices in the world market during the 1980s and then nearly destroyed by social upheaval in the genocide era of the 1990s. The intervening 25 years have seen Rwandan coffee growers not only recover but also reach levels of quality unheard of in prior times. These days the best of the Rwandan beans have taken their place among the finest coffees the world can offer.

Most Rwandan coffee is grown by smallholders on farms small enough to be classified by number of trees as opposed to number of acres. Local farmers organize into cooperatives and deliver their coffee to wet mills, known as washing stations, for processing. Our Rwanda gets its name from the Gatare washing station, established in 2003. This station is perhaps Rwanda’s most famous, with a reputation for premium quality coffees that have appeared in the top results of the prestigious Rwanda Cup of Excellence competition many times.

In the cup Rwanda Gatare displays an overall caramel sweetness underpinning initial aromas of baking spice. Sparkling acidity laden with notes of raspberry vinaigrette nicely balances the buttery body and carries into a cola syrup finish. Complexity and definition increase as the brew cools, and it leaves a light sweetness on the palate that echoes the flavor profile long after the cup is drained.

Variety – Bourbon

Region – Nayamasheke

Farm – several small farms, Gatare Washing Station

Elevation – 6,500 ft

Process – pulped, dry fermented, fully washed

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product.width 3.500
product.height 6.000
product.depth 2.750


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