English Breakfast


A blend of strong, full bodied Chinese black teas. Our English Breakfast black tea is perfect with milk and honey. The whole leaf sachets have no dust or fannings. 100% biodegradable sachets; 20 count. Recommended steep temp: 200-205 degrees.
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    Subtle Smokiness, Bold Flavor Makes Fonte Breakfast Tea A Winner!



    I've sipped A LOT of breakfast tea in my life, dare I say thousands of cups likely and Fonte's breakfast blend is a very, very good tea. Drink it straight and you'll taste a subtle smokiness. Drink it with milk and honey and it's strong enough to stand up to the added sweetness. It's not bitter nor does it come across as acidic like a Scottish blend might. I highly recommend this tea blend to anyone looking for a nice way to start your morning or to warm up on a cold wet day. One additional item I highly appreciate is the way Fonte packages each bag. The packing presentation is very high class and the bags tear very easily making it simple to open. #WellDoneFonte!

    Jeff Strand Homes - Seattle, WA
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