Earl Grey


Fine Ceylon Earl Grey tea is gently scented with bergamot, imparting a smooth citrus flavor to the brew. Our finest Earl Grey black tea features whole leaf sachets with no dust or fannings. 100% biodegradable sachets; 20 count. Recommended steep temp: 200-205 degrees.
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    Smooth, rich, and lovely



    Smooth and rich Earl Grey tea that can handle two steepings. It smells heavenly when you open the package and tastes lovely- no bitterness or unpleasant surprises. I've thoroughly enjoyed many bags of this tea and would gladly drink more!

    JRWa - Seattle, WA
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    Best Earl Grey



    Earl Grey is one of my favorite teas, but I usually add milk and sugar to make it less bitter. Fonte's Earl Grey is the best I've had and I didn't even need to add anything to it because the taste was much smoother than other brands I've tried! I would highly recommend this tea.

    AmandaW - Kirkland, WA
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    I am a pretty picky tea drinker and have a tendency to get my snob up when it comes to Earl Grey. I received a box as gift and immediately fell in love. There are a lot of tea options available in the markets - but if you're willing to take the time to purchase a box, I highly recommend. Full of great flavor, not overpowering (make sure to steep it correctly!) - makes a delicious cup. Worth it!

    TeaFan82 - Seattle, WA
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