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Portofino / WB / 12 oz

Our special blend of Indonesian coffees offers a very full-bodied, lightly acidic cup with a wonderful, complex aroma. Earthy, herbal notes interact vividly with its velvety finish. A perfect French press coffee.
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    Best coffee ever



    Portofino is the best coffee ever for those that like a low acidic coffee, which I believe is healthier for the gut too. It is still full bodied with deep rich flavors. Fonte beans are THE freshest!

    Coffee snob - Columbus ohio
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    Served Portofino for the fist time in Las Vegas at the Wynn and said "Wow!" A month later I was at the MAC in Portland and was served Portofino! Two times in one month from two different establishments that take pride in what they serve to their customers! I was sold and now order only Portofino!!

    BT - Portland, Oregon
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