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Brasil Jacarezinho Roasting on 4/16 [8oz]

syrupy body, flavors of strawberry, bourbon, brown sugar & nut

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Roasting April 16th ONLY (8oz Bags)

Brasil Jacarezinho Cold Soaked Natural

Tasting Notes: syrupy body, flavors of strawberry, bourbon, brown sugar & nut.

Suggested Brew Method: Recommended as an excellent single origin espresso

The fifth offering in our continuing White Label series is a delicious microlot from Brasil. Its story is a reflection of the changes in recent decades that have transformed farms founded on producing commodity grade coffees into specialty grade powerhouses that bring us a range of flavors unheard of in previous generations.

White Label Brasil Jacarezinho comes to us from Fazenda Califórnia estate located in the southern state of Paraná. This area was first planted with coffee in the 1890s, by the 1950s it was the most productive region in the largest coffee producing country in the world. Fazenda Califórnia was founded under American ownership in the 1920s, focusing on yield over quality. In 2004 the farm was acquired by the Saldanha Rodrigues family, who were intent on developing the farm’s potential as a producer of quality coffee. Today the farm is managed by Luiz and Flavia Saldanha,both graduates of the Agriculture School at University of São Paulo, and both certified arabica Q-graders. The innovations they have introduced at Fazenda Califórnia include Utz Certification (Utz Certified is a worldwide certification program, establishing a standard for responsible and sustainable production of coffee.), and the creation of custom processed microlots. Our Brasil Jacarezinho is the result of one of these new process methods, cold soaking. Cold soak processed coffee includes an additional step of soaking cherry in cold water prior to meticulously drying coffee in the cherry.

Northern Paraná state has a sub-tropical and very wet climate. Although this can present some problems for the farmer the cool days and nights allow the growth of high quality coffee at lower than traditional altitudes due to cool climatic conditions which allow slow plant growth and cherry maturation.

Brasil Jacarezinho is truly unique in the cup. The cold soak natural process highlights the sweet fruit flavors of the coffee cherry and thickens the body into a syrupy mouthfeel. Look for prominent notes of strawberry over flavors of molasses and bourbon, a nutty aroma as you savor the coffee and a finish heavy with Muscovado sugar sweetness.

Quantities of this unusual Brasil are sharply limited – please don’t miss a chance to enjoy it!

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