Brasil Canaan Estate

Subtle citrus, chocolate and marshmallow

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Tasting notes: Subtle citrus, chocolate and marshmallow

Variety: Catuai

Region: Carmo de Minas

Farm: Canaan Estate

Elevation: 3,400 ft

Processing: Natural, patio dried

We’ve known 3rd generation coffee farmer Sergio Dias of Canaan Estate Coffees for over eighteen years. Sergio and his family co-own and operate JC Coffee Farms out of Carmo de Minas in Brasil’s southern state of Minas Gerias. Cannan Estate is responsible for a large part of JC Farms annual production, and has been in Sergio’s family for over 70 years. When we first met Sergio he was not exporting coffee to the United States. It’s been our pleasure to watch him take the plunge in the US market, and to see his coffees gain the recognition and acceptance they certainly deserve. His efforts in promoting Cocarive, the regional cooperative, have served to establish lasting connections between local farmers and roasters in the US specialty sector.

The Canaan farm itself is located in the mountainous Mantiqueira de Minas region, a sub-region of the Carmo de Minas area famous for the complex coffees produced in its many microclimates. Our Canaan Estate is a natural coffee, sun dried on patios after careful sorting. Compared to other origins it is not grown at great altitude but within the Brasilian context its 3,400 feet above sea level is among the higher grown.

Although in the cup Canaan Estate is surprisingly clean, and brighter than many Brasils, its overall character is one of chocolatey sweetness. In addition to the dominant milk chocolate flavors it features a subtle citrus acidity, especially as pour over, as well as notes of allspice and marshmallow. The mouthfeel is nicely textured, creamy without cloying, and leads us to a lightly dry finish with plenty of caramel and chocolate flavor.

Fonte’s White Label Canaan Estate is a coffee you can rely on, deeply satisfying and delicious in any brewing method. Don’t miss this chance to share in its nuanced sweetness.


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