Why Does My Coffee Taste Bad?

Why Does My Coffee Taste Bad?

For many, there’s nothing quite like that first sip from a freshly brewed cup of coffee as the sun rises. For others, unfortunately, that first sip can be far from satisfying, leaving them puzzled as to why their favorite roast tastes weird.

The truth is, coffee brewing is as much a science as it is an art and even the smallest mistake can drastically shift a roast and flavor profile for the worse. Of course, the best way to avoid making a second rate brew is to know why it tastes second rate in the first place. Which is why Fonté Coffee Roaster has listed three of the most common reasons a coffee can taste bad.

Why Does My Coffee Taste Bad?

It’s the Beans

By and large, the most frequent culprit of a bitter, burnt, and all around unpleasant brew, are the beans themselves.

You’ve probably short changed yourself by purchasing a low grade, industrial scale roast which looks good for the budget but not so much for your taste buds.

Some reasons why the beans are of poor quality can be because:

They Were Roasted Poorly

Roasting is a complex process that requires a constant and controlled input of heat applied over time. This is a process that not everyone (especially those attempting to roast their own beans) gets right.

They Weren’t Ground Properly

Coffee beans can be ground too coarse or too fine, causing them to be incompatible with the brewing mechanism they’re prepared with.

They Were Under or Over Extracted

Under extracted beans can end up tasting weak and flavorless while over extracted beans can taste bitter and overpowering.

It’s The Water

Just because your tap water is good to drink doesn’t mean it's ideal for brewing. By settling for unfiltered water, you’re letting undesirable microscopic particles take part in the brewing process.

As small as they may be, these particles have the ability to slightly alter the chemistry of the beans you use. Given how chemically sensitive coffee is, this may mean experiencing a degraded flavor profile than what the beans are meant to offer.

It’s The Method

Beyond the quality of the coffee itself, the method you’re using to brew the coffee can also make or break the taste of your coffee.

These 3 tips will ensure you’ll get the most enjoyable flavor out of your coffee each and every time:

1. Brew your coffee at 195°-205°F

2. Ensure an optimal coffee to water ratio when brewing (The National Coffee Association recommends 1-2 tablespoons of coffee for every 6 ounces of water)

3. Be mindful of the time your coffee is in contact with water when brewing (The National Coffee Association generally recommends 5 minutes of brewing time, and for french press brewing, 2-4 minutes)

Being mindful of the method is important, but as stated earlier, the source is oftentimes as important (if not more important) than the method itself. If you’re looking for the coffee experience perfected, the right method and a delicious batch of Fonté Coffee will hit the spot.

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