Agua Fresca Blend

Cinnamon, Pink Grapefruit, Tamarind

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Tasting notes: Cinnamon, Pink Grapefruit, Tamarind

Origins: Central and South America

Recommended brewing methods: Pour over, French Press, Iced Coffee

Agua Fresca Blend gets its name from the ultra refreshing fruit juice drinks ladled out from those big glass jars on the taco stand counter. This Mexican creation (“fresh water” or “cool water” in English) starts with fresh drinking water, ripe fruit is blended or squeezed into it, resulting in a light and refreshing drink that is composed mostly of water but laden with bright flavor. Although any fruit can be used, tamarind, pineapple, and hibiscus are popular versions and they are often featured with the delicious cinnamon spiced rice milk drink known as horchata.

Our Agua Fresca Blend includes coffees from diverse farms, some high in the Andes of South America, others from the cloud forests of Central America. Each bean is a bit atypical for its region, featuring unusual flavors painstakingly brought to life from rare varieties and experimental processes that adventurous farmers have devoted a portion of their crop to.

At first sip Agua Fresca greets you with a penetrating dose of cinnamon and ginger (we promise coffee is the only ingredient!). Bright citrus notes follow, reemerging as flavors of pink grapefruit in the long finish. The body is distinctly “milk shakey”; substantial and textured but with the clean feel of alternative, non-dairy milks. The luscious finish is bright and citric with a gently fading note of tamarind pod.

Excellent as a nuanced pour over or in a French press, we naturally couldn’t resist brewing Agua Fresca over ice and recommend you give it a try. Be it hot or cold, we think you’ll find this blend engaging in its complexity and refreshing in its clean, fruity sweetness. Please don’t miss your chance to enjoy Agua Fresca, and to add a memorable coffee to your personal best list.


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