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Now Roasting: Rwanda Ruli


We know, we know—we're overwhelming you with amazing single origins right now. This is our third release in a little over a month (Brasil Peaberry Carmo de Minas and Colombia Doña Carmen are the other fabulous offerings). With it being SCAA Global Coffee Expo weekend and the incredible Faema E71 debuting at our Seattle Café, we can't help but get lost in coffee world. So, here it is: the absolutely stunning Rwanda Ruli single origin!

(In case you missed it, Steve Smith is our Master roaster of 25 years. He's the real deal.

Our new Rwanda comes to us from the Ruli Musasa washing station in the Gakenke District of Western Rwanda. Constructed at an altitude of 6,550 feet above sea level, it is one of Rwanda’s highest washing stations and serves a co-op comprised of more than 1,400 small farmers. The station currently exports 9 containers a year, from which Fonté selects the finest lot.

The coffee is 100% Red Bourbon variety. The level of care taken in processing them is impressive. Cherries are hand picked when fully ripe and pulped that same evening. After pulping, the coffee is fermented overnight and then graded again using flotation channels. The wet parchment is then soaked in water for 18 to 24 hours to stabilize moisture content. After intensive sorting on pre-drying tables the beans are moved onto raised drying tables for around 14 days where they are sorted again for defects, turned regularly and protected from rain and the midday sun.

In the cup our Rwanda Ruli is light and sweet. Look for a complex and pervasive acidity colored by flavors of black cherry and cranberry. The finish is clean and dry with notes of chocolate covered orange.

Tasting notes: Bright acidity, flavors of black cherry and cranberry, dry finish with notes of chocolate covered orange
Farms: Musasa Dukunde Kawa co-op
Region: Ruli Sector, Gakenke District
Elevation: 6,550 feet/1,996 meters
Process: Washed



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