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Now Roasting: Myanmar Blue Mountain

For the first time, we're offering a fabulous new single origin from Myanmar (formerly Burma). Just recently has specialty quality coffee from Myanmar become available; with the help of a 5 year, multimillion dollar project led by the international development nonprofit company Winrock, Myanmar has upgraded agricultural practices and their connection with markets. With all the hype in the Specialty Coffee community, we couldn't turn down the opportunity to share this revitalized coffee producing country with our customers. Read on for more information and tasting notes about Fonté Myanmar Blue Mountain!


The introduction of Myanmar Blue Mountain into our coffee menu represents the intersection of some of the major trends defining Specialty Coffee today. The first of these is the identification of areas that have a history of coffee production but lack connection or access to the specialty market. Poor infrastructure and lack of financing have kept many growers from engaging the specialty market in the past. Increasing demand for coffee worldwide and the detrimental effects of climate change on existing producers have combined to fuel the search for new sources of quality coffee.

A second trend embodied by our Myanmar Blue Mountain is the participation of governmental organizations (in this case USAID), nonprofit industry organizations (Winrock International and Coffee Quality Institute) and green importers (Atlas Coffee) in the development of local coffee production. These groups offer farmers the agricultural expertise necessary to meet the demands of the specialty market as well as the experience required to access sources of credit that allow growers independence from the commodity market.


And finally our Myanmar is a great example of the increasing popularity and acceptance of dry process (natural) coffees. Prepared with great care on raised drying beds, a new generation of naturals has appeared in the marketplace from areas as diverse as Costa Rica and Myanmar. These coffees have been selected and processed to feature a wide range of fruit flavors at the same time eliminating or minimizing the acrid, “off” flavors that traditionally came with dry process coffees.


Blue Mountain Estate is located in the state of Mandalay, on a lush, steeply sloping landscape. The estate produces macadamia nuts as well as coffee, grown at around 3,800 feet above sea level. Current ownership took over the farm in 2003, and have been dedicated to improving quality ever since. Active participants in the Myanmar Coffee Growers association, Manager Kyaw Tun Naing has taken every opportunity to expand his knowledge of coffee growing and processing.

In the cup, our natural process Myanmar Blue Mountain is as vivid as the stunning natural beauty that surrounds the estate. Sweet juicy flavors of purple grape and raisin dominate at first sip, giving way to notes of aromatic wood and spice that lead to a candied chocolate finish. The buttery body is reminiscent of Indonesian coffees, and the overall effect is one of a combination of the cleanest natural Ethiopia with a thick, cedar toned Sumatra.

Truly a testament to the aspiration and dedication of the farmers of Myanmar, our Blue Mountain estate is available for a limited time only. Please take this opportunity to explore this delightful new origin!


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