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Now Roasting: Colombia Doña Carmen

Fresh from our roaster is a delicious new single origin named for its celebrated grower: Colombia Doña Carmen.


This microlot comes to us from Doña Carmen Cecilia Montoya, the celebrated grower (above) from the Urrao region of Antioquia. Urrao is a unique growing region, boasting extremely high altitudes - the valley floor starts at nearly 6,000 feet with farms planted up to 6,800 feet above sea level. The coffee is an heirloom cultivar of Caturra. Originally planted for its high yield, only later were the high quality and unique flavors of this coffee more widely recognized. Doña Carmen was the first farmer from this area to take first place in the Cup of Excellence competition.

The beans are wet processed and very cleanly prepared. After fermenting overnight they are dried on raised beds under cover. Once rested and milled they are bagged in Grain Pro bags to conserve the range of volatile aromas that identify this coffee as something special.

The cup itself is complex and fruit forward. Initial flavors match a Merlot wineyness with notes of red plum, becoming more intense as the cup cools. Brown sugar and bittersweet cocoa notes dominate the finish, slowly morphing into clean lingering flavors of fine Keemun black tea.

Tasting notes: Fruit forward, red plum, brown sugar and black tea notes.
Origin: Colombia
Region: San Carlos, Urrao, Antioquia
Farmer: Doña Carmen Cecilia Montoya
Processing: Wet/washed
Elevation: 1,676-1,860 meters

We know you'll love it. Go ahead, drink it down!



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