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North America, Meet the Faema E71


Fonté Café Seattle installs United States’ first Faema E71 Espresso Machine with the Cimbali family; donating espresso proceeds to charity

SEATTLE, Wash. – (April 17, 2017) Faema, Italy’s leading espresso machine manufacturer under ownership of Gruppo Cimbali, is officially launching the E71 espresso machine in Seattle during the Global Specialty Coffee Expo, April 20-23. In addition to the launch, the Cimbali staff and family will celebrate the E71’s first American installation at Fonté Coffee Roaster’s downtown Seattle Café (1321 First Avenue) on Thursday, April 20 at 9:15 a.m.

Inspired to surpass the revolutionary E61 (launched in 1961), Faema’s already legendary E71 was released in Europe in 2016. The Cimbali family is ecstatic to share the American launch with Fonté Coffee, an industry partner, client, and local Seattle micro-roaster of 25 years.

“Fonté takes pride in the relationships its created since its inception 25 years ago. Our ten-year relationship with Faema is the result of loyal friendships over the years and Faema's consistent commitment to quality and the innovation of their machines,” said Fonté Coffee Roaster Founder and President Paul Odom. “Faema and Fonté share a similar philosophy and our core values match up quite well. We feel honored to be the first coffee roaster to feature Faema's E71 in North America.”

The new Faema E71 is a top-of-the-range professional coffee machine that blends Faema’s iconic design with cutting-edge technology and classical features. As “the best interpreter of master coffee artists,” its was purpose-built to give baristas who seek perfection and superior quality full flexibility to express their art.

“The E71 has the most innovative brewing technology and will highlight the subtle nuances of our espresso blends, creating the best experience for our customer. More specifically, we like the innovative extraction process of the E71, which has a delayed water introduction to the espresso, a process that works well with our coffees,” added Odom.

Fonté and Faema encourages all coffee lovers to come in and experience the new Faema inside Fonté Café during the coffee-centric weekend of Specialty Coffee Association celebrations and events. Fonté Café is celebrating by donating 100% of proceeds from espresso shots to Seattle homeless charities. To RSVP to the Cimbali café visit or to schedule an interview with Cimbali and/or Fonté, please contact Richelle at

About Fonté Coffee Roaster & Café
Fonté Coffee Roaster was founded in 1992 in North America’s coffee capital—Seattle, Washington—with the mission to source the finest coffees in the world, roast them to perfection, and serve a beautiful experience in every cup. As one of Seattle’s first roasters, Fonté’s caliber for selected beans is sophisticated, and they take pride in hand-roasting specialty beans—not light, medium or dark—but to perfection. Each cup of Fonté is crafted with intention; with 30 years of roasting experience, master roaster Steve Smith develops each selected coffee’s unique flavor potential into its fullest expression. They proudly provide an elevated coffee experience to at-home coffee enthusiasts, coffee bar retailers and restaurants, as well as an A-list of luxury hotels and five-star properties.

Fonté's flagship cafe first opened at The Four Seasons in downtown Seattle years ago and the only caveat is it had to be special. Nestled in the heart of Downtown Seattle across from the Seattle Art Museum, Fonté Café is a European-inspired bistro serving specialty coffee, brunch or lunch café fare, and house-baked pastries and grab-and-go items.

“We opened with the same philosophy of fresh, roast-to-order coffee and consulted award-winning chefs for all our menu offerings. All the menu items had to be created with the best local ingredients. Fonté's meats, eggs and produce come from the best local providers and we use all the cutting edge equipment such as a Berkel slicer to cut our cured meats,” said Odom.

Their second location opened in 2016 in Bellevue, Washington inside Bellevue Place (900 Bellevue Way NE). Both coffee bars feature varieties from Fonté's Special Selection Series, roasted at its own facility in Seattle's Georgetown neighborhood.



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