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Espresso Mocktail: Lavender Espresso from Belle Epicurean


In the Specialty Coffee world, coffee mocktails and cocktails are on the rise; what artisan wouldn't want to overwhelm their palate with incredible espresso, herbs, and seasonal flavors?

You ask, Seattle delivers. Local French Café Belle Epicurean (3109 E Madison St, Seattle, WA ) is featuring an espresso mocktail through November using Fonté First Avenue Espresso: The "Julio" Lavender Espresso. We tried it, and couldn't resist sharing the news.

Delicate aroma, creamy texture throughout and a sultry bite of lavender and mint. It's even better than it sounds. Visit their café on Madison Avenue for the real deal, or experiment creating own coffee mocktails at home (share them with #FonteCoffee). Your weekend inspiration has arrived!

Created by Jesse at Belle Epicurean

Two shots of First Avenue Fonté Espresso
Half ounce vanilla
Half ounce lavender syrup
2 ounces half and half
4 mint leaves, slapped to release oils
Mint leaves, for garnish

Combine ingredients in a tumbler with ice. Shake 7-10 seconds. Serve in a small glass with mint garnish. Enjoy!


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