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Herbal Tea

We offer three herbal tea choices.

  • Soothing Chamomile View Soothing Chamomile
    Soothing Chamomile

    Chamomile flowers produce a soothing, caffeine free sweet infusion. Our Soothing Chamomile herbal tea features whole leaf sachets with no dust or fannings. 100% biodegradable ...

  • Peaceful Teatime View Peaceful Teatime
    Peaceful Teatime

    Colorful blend of herbs with lavender, cloves, hibiscus blossom, and licorice root. Caffeine free infusion. Soothing hot—unique and refreshing iced. Offered in whole leaf sachets ...

  • Peppermint View Peppermint

    Our pure Peppermint tea is pungent and invigorating. The peppermint caffeine free infusion is mildly stimulating and refreshing. Our Peppermint herbal tea is in whole leaf sachets...


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