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Black Tea

We offer seven black tea choices.

  • Assam View Assam

    Grown in the hills of India, Assam brews a deep red cup with bold flavor notes of malt and delicate floral aromas. Our Assam black tea is offered in whole leaf sachets with no ...

  • Black Currant View Black Currant
    Black Currant

    Sparkling orange Pekoe tea, lightly flavored with black currant to create a balance of tea and berry flavors. Our Black Currant tea features whole leaf sachets with no dust or ...

  • Chai Spice View Chai Spice
    Chai Spice

    Fragrant Chai Spice black tea blended with herbs and spices featuring cinnamon, cardamom, cloves and pepper. Our Chai Spice tea is packaged in whole leaf sachets with no dust or ...

  • Cinnamon Spice View Cinnamon Spice
    Cinnamon Spice

    Our Cinnamon Spice black tea features a robust and sweet base blended with orange peel, cloves and extracts of cinnamon and spices. Our Cinnamon Spice tea is in whole leaf sachets...

  • Earl Grey View Earl Grey
    Earl Grey

    Fine Ceylon Earl Grey tea is gently scented with bergamot, imparting a smooth citrus flavor to the brew. Our finest Earl Grey black tea features whole leaf sachets with no dust or...

  • English Breakfast View English Breakfast
    English Breakfast

    A blend of strong, full bodied Chinese black teas. Our English Breakfast black tea is perfect with milk and honey. The whole leaf sachets have no dust or fannings. 100% ...

  • Tropical Sun View Tropical Sun
    Tropical Sun

    Our lightly fruited Tropical Sun black tea blends Chinese leaves with vanilla and tropical fruit flavors. Our Tropical Sun tea is packaged in whole leaf sachets with no dust or ...


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