Special Selection

Selected from hundreds of samples, these rare coffees come to us from the world's top farms. They are characterized by the most recent advances and innovation in growing and processing, each one brings a unique experience to the cup.

  • Holiday Blend 2016 View Holiday Blend 2016
    Holiday Blend 2016

    It’s been our practice at Fonté to create a unique annual Holiday Blend, something special that invokes the traditions and new memories of the holiday season. It has also become ...

  • F2 View F2

    F2 is the signature espresso blend at our Café and Wine Bar in downtown Seattle. F2 was designed to display the full range of complexity characteristic of the most recent ...

  • Bin 16 View Bin 16
    Bin 16

    Exclusive taste and lavish mouth feel with bright and fruity notes supported by a mix of East African and Central American acidity....

  • Colombia La Loma Microlot View Colombia La Loma Microlot
    Colombia La Loma Microlot

    As a student Javier Golondrino used to help his father pick coffee every season. When Javier turned 15, knowing that he had a knack and a love for farming, his father gifted him a...

  • El Salvador La Providencia Honey View El Salvador La Providencia Honey
    El Salvador La Providencia Honey
    No Reviews

    Of the handful of factors that influence a coffee’s final cup profile two of the most significant are region of origin and the method with which the coffee was processed after ...

  • Guatemala Finca El Tambor View Guatemala Finca El Tambor
    Guatemala Finca El Tambor
    No Reviews

    Victor Calderon represents the fifth generation of coffee farmers from a family that has been in coffee for more than 100 years. El Tambor, however, is a relatively new farm, just...

  • Kenya Kagumoini AA Microlot View Kenya Kagumoini AA Microlot
    Kenya Kagumoini AA Microlot

    Kenyan coffees are appreciated for their bright, clean qualities. Many feature a signature prominence of acidity. This classic style Kenya, produced by several small farms ...


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