Single Origins

  • Brasil Fazenda Jardim View Brasil Fazenda Jardim
    Brasil Fazenda Jardim

    The world's largest producer of coffee offers a select few of the highest quality, including our Brasil Minas, produced for us at Fazenda Jardim in the rich red soil of the ...

  • Brasil Peaberry Carmo de Minas View Brasil Peaberry Carmo de Minas
    Brasil Peaberry Carmo de Minas

    We’ve known Sergio Dias of Cannan Estate Coffees for over fifteen years. Sergio and his family co-own and operate JC Coffee Farms out of Carmo de Minas in Brasil’s southern state ...

  • Colombia Doña Carmen View Colombia Doña Carmen
    Colombia Doña Carmen
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    This Colombian microlot comes to us from Doña Carmen Cecilia Montoya, the celebrated grower from the Urrao region of Antioquia. Urrao is a unique growing region, boasting ...

  • Kenya Kagumoini AA Microlot View Kenya Kagumoini AA Microlot
    Kenya Kagumoini AA Microlot

    Kenyan coffees are appreciated for their bright, clean qualities. Many feature a signature prominence of acidity. This classic style Kenya, produced by several small farms ...

  • Rwanda Ruli View Rwanda Ruli
    Rwanda Ruli
    No Reviews

    Our new Rwanda comes to us from the Ruli Musasa washing station in the Gakenke District of Western Rwanda. Constructed at an altitude of 6,550 feet above sea level, it is one of ...

  • Sumatra View Sumatra
    No Reviews

    This exotic and very difficult to source coffee offers a syrupy body, dense earthy aroma, and a great chocolate finish. One of our recommended coffees for French press brewing....


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