• Bin 16 12 oz View Bin 16 12 oz
    Bin 16 12 oz

    Exclusive taste and lavish mouth feel with bright and fruity notes supported by a mix of East African and Central American acidity....

  • F2 12 oz View F2 12 oz
    F2 12 oz

    F2 is the signature espresso blend at our Café and Wine Bar in downtown Seattle. F2 was designed to display the full range of complexity characteristic of the most recent ...

  • Oolong Ti Kuan Yin 1/4 lb View Oolong Ti Kuan Yin 1/4 lb
    Oolong Ti Kuan Yin 1/4 lb
    No Reviews

    The distinct flavors of black and green tea collaborate to create this paradoxical tea consisting of both robust and subtle notes....


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