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We’ve curated an assortment of gifts for your personal or corporate holidays, celebrations, or events. Shop our gift bundles, gift certificates, and a variety of home equipment bundles.

  • French Press + Coffee View French Press + Coffee
    French Press + Coffee

    Our French Press bundle includes a 12-ounce bag of Portofino coffee (French Press grind) and an 8-cup Bodum Chambord Classic French Press for $34.95 (retail value of $54.99!). ...

  • Toddy Cold Brew + Portofino View Toddy Cold Brew + Portofino
    Toddy Cold Brew + Portofino

    The Toddy Cold Brew System for the home bundle includes a 12-ounce bag of Portofino coffee (French press grind) and a Toddy Cold Brew System. Brew once and have a carafe of cold ...

  • Gift Cards View Gift Cards
    Gift Cards

    Give your coffee or tea lover the gift of a virtual Fonté gift card. Buy a virtual Fonté gift card in $10, $25, or $50 amounts. Only valid on

  • Chef's Choice Gift View Chef's Choice Gift
    Chef's Choice Gift

    Gift it. Our three most popular blends include Fonté AA (bittersweet chocolate), Bin 16 (Citrus, cabernet, nutty, cherry), and Portofino (herbal, nutty, dark chocolate). Three 12 ...

  • Espresso Gift View Espresso Gift
    Espresso Gift

    The perfect gift for the espresso lover. Our three favorite espresso blends include F2 (bright, earthy, creamy), 1st Avenue (lemon, earthy tobacco), and Italian (spicy, fruity, ...

  • Fonté Favorites Gift View Fonté Favorites Gift
    Fonté Favorites Gift

    Best gift for drip and French press coffee lovers. Our signature blends include Fonté AA (bittersweet chocolate), Cerrado (spicy, bittersweet chocolate) and Siena (sweet citrus, ...

  • Clever Brewer + Coffee + Mug View Clever Brewer + Coffee + Mug
    Clever Brewer + Coffee + Mug

    The Abid Clever Coffee Dripper features an added stopper in the filter cone to help maintain control without over steeping for a sediment-free cup. Includes easy to clean Clever ...


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