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A full-bodied roast reminiscent of Indonesian and Central American coffee with a decidedly prominent acidity and a delicate earthy finishing note.
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    Best Decaf Espresso



    I've been ordering this decaf espresso for years and love the flavor and aroma every morning when I make my cup of espresso. Makes a beautiful cup with a wonderful crema on top. 

    Stuck on Fonte - Chicago
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    One of the best Decaf Espressos Blends



    I keep a stock of decaf beans at home for espresso brewing (pump machine) and drip for my wife who only drinks decaffenated coffee.  Font'e's decaf espresso is a standout.  Admittedly,  there are limited selections in the market place for decaf, and most are over-roasted (Starbucks) or dry and fragmented hulls of varying, mostly poor quality.  Font'e's decaf blend is aromatic, oily in appearance and full-bodied, suiting it well for iced beverages or espresso with milk.

    Rich in Chicago - Chicago - mail order
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    You won't be disappointed



    I was unfortunate to have been forced to switched to decaf. I love good coffee and it is really hard to find good decaf beans. All of Fonte's decaf selections are wonderful, but this is my favorite. I drink it daily as an americano (usually) and every time I take that first sip - ahhhhhhh. Even my husband who drinks their other caffeinated coffees/espressos can't believe how good this is. We are pretty picky about coffee and this is smooth and full of flavor.

    Julie - Gaithersburg, MD
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