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Our name is Italian for source. We help coffee lovers brew the freshest cup of coffee. Our story begins in 1992 in the Pacific Northwest coffee capital of the world — Seattle, WA. It was here that founder and owner Paul Odom followed his passion and started Fonté Coffee Roaster.

As one of Seattle’s first roaster companies, Paul believed sourcing the best specialty beans to create the finest coffee and espresso blends in the world required a process that delivered freshly roasted beans to our customers. Paul worked closely with seasoned roaster Steve Smith to create high-quality specialty blends featuring a hand roast-to-order wholesale process that established Fonté Coffee Roaster as one of the top wholesale coffee providers. We partner with coffee bar retailers and restaurants, as well as luxury hotels such as Four Seasons, St. Regis Peninsula, The Phoenician, and more.

Now more than 25 years after Paul founded Fonté, our promise to our customers is to continue to source the highest quality beans, hand roast the beans to perfection, deliver the best service and the freshest coffee to your home, office, wholesale business. We invite you to taste our coffee and teas in our cafés.

Fonté Coffee Roaster Timeline
1992 - Paul Odom starts Fonté Coffee Roaster
1997 - Online web business launches
2009 - Fonté opens café in Seattle
2015 - Fonté launches sachet tea line
2016 - Fonte opens café in Bellevue
2017 - Fonté opens in Ireland
2017 - Fonté celebrates 25-year anniversary


  • In 1992 Paul Odom (pictured above, right) founded Fonté Coffee Roaster.
  • Odom started Fonté coffee to fill a void in the hospitality market.
  • Odom made it his mission to create the finest coffee and espresso blends in the world.
  • He set the strictest standards in product development and delivery.
  • He procured the best roasting and processing equipment.
  • He built a sales team with experience in premium coffee.
  • He established a business to service this untapped market.
  • Odom partnered with Master Roaster Steve Smith to create several high-quality specialty blends.
  • Together Odom and Smith developed a process where fresh coffee was shipped within 24 hours of roasting.
  • The roast-to-order program quickly established Fonté as one of the top coffee providers for the luxury hospitality market.
  • In 1997, Odom launched Fontés online business for consumers.
  • Today, Odom oversees a daily roasting schedule, a sales force on both coasts, and a quality control program.
  • Master Roaster, Steve Smith (pictured above, left) is an industry veteran and considered an expert in the coffee trade.
  • Smith worked for Starbucks (1979) and was one of the first roasters ever trained under the three original owners.
  • In the 12 years he worked for Starbucks, he was the first and only roaster to earn the title of Master Roaster.
  • In 1991, desiring to use more of an artisan approach to roasting, Smith left Starbucks.
  • Smith pursued his passion for roasting coffee by discovering unique ways to bring out natural flavor profiles in different coffees.
  • In 1993, Smith joined Fonté as its Master Roaster.
  • Smith’s production philosophy is that of a coffee purist.
  • His techniques adhere to the strictest standards and maintain the integrity of the coffee flavor during the roasting process.
  • He conducts cuppings at Fonté in order to study flavor profiles from various regions to create new proprietary blends for Fonté.
  • Smith manages coffee production and maintains world coffee grower relationships to secure the best beans available.
  • He also manages the Fonté tea program.
  • Smith is a Seattle native and grew up in Mercer Island.
  • He graduated from Washington State University with a degree in Spanish and Literature.
  • Other than coffee, his passion is world music, especially Afro Cuban music.
  • Today, Smith is the most experienced roaster in Seattle.

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