Fonté Micro Coffee Roaster, the finest independent coffee roaster in the Pacific Northwest, was founded in 1992 in North America's coffee capital – Seattle, Washington – by Paul Odom. The company was created with a true passion for coffee and a mission to roast the best coffees in the world. Every year, we carefully procure the most superlative coffee beans from around the globe and ship to our clients within hours of roasting, ensuring the fresh aromas and flavors created by master roaster Steve Smith and his team are delivered intact to your cup. Fonté Coffee has attracted a prominent, worldwide clientele of coffee enthusiasts, coffee bar retailers, restaurants, luxury hotels and five-star properties which include the Wynn Las Vegas, Four Seasons, St. Regis Peninsula, The Phoenician, Freds at Barneys and many more. The commitment to exceptional cup quality, freshness, and excellent service has earned Fonté accolades from award-winning chefs, fine restaurants and exclusive hotels around the country. Fonté is also a local favorite having been voted "the best micro-coffee roaster in the Northwest" by Northwest Palate Magazine.

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